Nathan Goes Fishing

Nathan Goes Fishing, a short simple tale of how a young fox from Taiwan, travels to his family home in Ireland. There he meets his grandpa and they spend an eventful day fishing together and overcome some tricky weather to successfully land their catch. Inspired by a longing for returning home, this story truly comes from the heart and will delight.

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About Sean Fitz

Sean Fitz is a Cork born artist living in Castletownbere. After studying English Lit in UCC, he spent much of his adult life living abroad in Asia, teaching and studying languages. There he finally made the shift into pursuing art as more than just a hobby. After making a gift of a personalised kids book for one of his students, he fell in love with creating art and stories for children of all ages. Married abroad, he has now returned home and cannot wait to bring more Celtic inspired work to the children of Ireland and the world.

Sean’s digital art is all about capturing Celtic themes and imagery. The spiral is a heavy feature across his work as well as rich vibrant colors and rounded chubby edges. Appealing to children and filled with tiny details and doodads for busy little minds to explore.

The writing is of a simple style yet has a warm use of  English. The focus is on being read aloud, bringing to life the sounds and actions of the character’s adventure.

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